Idea Bill Payment- Safe And Secure

Mobile payments and e-wallets are the latest additions to the already existing simplified payment related processes for businesses as well as customers to make online payments easy, efficient and safe. In India too, the government driven Digital India Initiative is making way fast for electronic payment systems to take over cash systems thereby facilitating the society to go cashless. However, as technology advances, there is a growing pressure on payment service providers, business houses and customers to get accustomed to challenges of online payments and adopt best practices to circumvent the same.

While sitting at home or office, making an online Idea bill payment, you would want to get to take the challenges on a more serious note. Some of the adversaries of technological advancements are:-

  1. One of the biggest issues that grew along with e-commerce was the potential opportunities of fraudulence – misuse of payment networks and theft of personal and financial data of customers. We keep hearing such incidents, day in day out. In order to find solutions to this problem, customers are always advised to use secure sites for conducting online transactions like Idea bill payment. Using http websites along with the lock symbol is a good start at the basic level. A payment processor that is comes with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Level 1 certification is a good enough investment for a business house. Use of EMV chip on credit and debit cards is also done with the objective of providing security. During online transactions even if the card details is stolen by a hacker, the presence of the EVM chip makes it difficult for him to clone the card and use it. The other safe technology that’s come into use for using mobile to make online payments, for example an Idea bill payment is the biometric identification. During the payment process the customer can scan his fingerprint to prove his identity.
  2. Another issue that often online payment providers face is during cross-border transactions. These transactions can be slow and expensive at the same time. Hence technology needs to work in collaboration with financial institutes and government to regulate this process.
  3. Accepting multi-currency by online merchants that sell globally. One of the best ways for businesses to grow at in international level is being able to accept payments from customers in their native currency. It is essential here for the merchant to choose to partner with a payment service provider that has the necessary and required infrastructure in place to provide solution to such a challenge.

At the end, customers should remember that in order to provide them with a convenient and easy payment system online, merchants, payment service providers, financial institutions, banks and the government works and invests a lot in helping evolve the relevant technology. At the same time, the customer at his level too should take adequate steps to ensure that his Idea bill payment is being done in a secure environment. Both ways handholding can help resolve many such challenges effectively.