How Unique Vessel Sinks Create a Focal Point in Any Bathroom

Bathrooms come in a variety of sizes and designs. The primary goals of bathroom design are to ensure they are functional and comfortable. Adding unique vessel sinks is a simple way to create a focal point in all types of baths.

What is a Vessel Sink?

Modern vessel sinks are modeled after the wash basins used before people had running water. A vessel sink is mounted on a vanity, wall, or counter. Vessel sinks come in a full range of colors, materials, and types to match any bathroom design.

Ease of Use

Typically, a bathroom sink is about 36 inches from the floor so it is easy to use for people of all heights. Because a vessel sink is mounted on top of the counter, the vanity should be about six inches lower than a traditional vanity. For this reason, people usually purchase a vanity with a vessel sink.

Add Extra Space

Often, a vessel sink takes less room than a classic one. People with vessel sinks enjoy the convenience of having more counter space. This added space is particularly important in small bathrooms or ones that are highly trafficked.

Vessel Sinks Fit Into Any Bathroom

A wall-mounted vessel sink is ideal for tiny bathrooms where space is limited. A large vessel sink made from colorful metal is a stylish addition to a large bathroom with a long vanity. People can also have double vessel sinks installed in a bathroom where everyone gets ready in the morning.

Elegance and Style

An array of vessel sinks are made in materials such as glass, ceramic, marble, and metal as well as a spectrum of hues. Vessel sinks add a touch of elegance and style to any bathroom, instantly become a fantastic focal point everyone is sure to admire. From sparkly to rustic, there is a vessel sink to make any bathroom complete.

Whether a homeowner is renovating an existing bathroom or adding a new one, vessel sinks are the perfect updated addition to the room. With a complete range of styles to choose from, there is a vessel sink that fits into any decor and budget to transform an ordinary bathroom into an extraordinary one.