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Education and Its Importance in People’ s Lives They say knowledge is power. The real power however is in shared knowledge. The aim of education is to do just that , to empower people. The empowered people then go ahead to empower others. The outcome of this is that the society gains a new perspective. Education has set precedence due to its immense advantages. It has contributed to better living conditions and exposure of people to important information. This translates into a improved standards of living in the society. That has seen to it that people’s character have been significantly addressed. Poverty has been a major concern in many parts of the world. Poverty tends to evoke an ugly side of individuals. Majority of the places where poverty is rampant have cases of criminal activities and instances of harlotry. These incidences can eliminated to a larger extent by giving people an education. This way people become innovative in seeking their livelihood contributing to an enhanced state of safety. It acts to contain prevalence of disease and ensuring its complete aversion. People living with HIV can now live normally. They are being embraced in the society and people are aware that looking healthy does not imply that one is free from disease. Leadership has been revolutionized by education. Knowledgeable leaders work on policies that can further improve their countries. They give others chances to advance themselves and acquire leadership skills at whatever level they are in. They understand the need for an educated nation. This way everyone develops problem solving skill and plays their part in the development of the nation. Education has empowered women to take up leadership positions. Women have a way of improving the sectors that that they are involved in They are better organizers and cautious risk takers helping people move in the right direction.
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It has aided in optimization of talents and skills. People are using the knowledge they learnt in school to improve their performance in their respective fields. There has been astounding successes recorded in the field of science owing to the combination of education and talent. It provides a foundation for which people can continue the operations. Business owners have adopted the go back to school philosophy and hired intellectual individuals for the smooth running of their business. Technical institutions have benefitted to a large extent from educational programs. Art has been revolutionized and made more into a money making endeavor rather than a business.If You Think You Understand Classes, Then This Might Change Your Mind