Can Economics Tuition Improve The Grade In The Examination?

Can Economics Tuition Improve The Grade In The Examination?

Economics is a very popular subject offered at the pre-university level for economic level. There are approximately 12000 students who take economics in junior colleges every year. The Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board, in collaboration with the Cambridge International Examination syndicate, has customised the International Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level Economics to cater for students who wish to take economics at the pre-university level. The product is the Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level Economics. As the Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level Economics is rigorous by all standards, it has caused great difficulty for JC students doing economics. To cope with the subject, many students have resorted to taking economics tuition. The question is, can economics tuition improve the grade in the examination? There are several factors that will determine the effectiveness of economics tuition for improving the grade in the examination which include the quality of the tutor and the learning attitude of the student.                                 

The quality of economics tuition is a crucial factor. Good tuition will help a student improve their grade in the examination substantially. In contrast, tuition that is not up to mark will be less helpful. This means that a student needs to select a private economics tutor very carefully as failure to do so may cause them to end up with a worse grade in the examination. The quality of tuition depends mainly on the quality of the tutor. A good tutor can improve the grade of a student substantially. In contrast, a bad tutor can do more harm than good to a student. Choosing the right tutor is key to learning and excelling in the subject. There are many tutors offering economics tuition in Singapore but which one is right for you? The following are a few qualities that a good economics tutor should possess.

 A good economics tutor should have a good and relevant qualification in the subject.  Having a good and relevant qualification in the subject will not only allow a tutor to teach the subject content effectively, it will also enable them to impart a great deal of general knowledge pertaining to the subject to the students. This is key to doing well in the Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level Economics examination. For a tutor giving economics tuition, this will mean having a good degree in economics from a recognised university. Although many economics tutors have a good degree in economics from a recognised university, there are some who do not. Therefore, parents and students who are looking for an economics tutor should conduct a vigorous background check on the credentials of the tutor.

Note: It is important not to equate the publicity of the tutor with the calibre of the tutor and there is little positive correlation between the two, if any. Indeed, if a tutor spends a great deal of time on marketing themselves, they are likely to have little time improving their knowledge of the subject.

What are the experience should economic tutor have?

 A good economics tutor should have experience in teaching the subject. Having teaching experience will make a tutor more effective and this is more so for economics tuition than for tuition in many other subjects. This is particularly true for the Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level Economics which requires candidates to have good essay writing skills and case study answering skills. An experienced tutor will not only know the syllabus well, they can also teach these skills effectively. There are quite a number of experienced economics tutors in Singapore.                                    

 A good economics tutor should be able to complement what the students learn in school. Economics is a social science pertaining to the study of how society allocates limited resources to the production of goods and services to satisfy unlimited human wants. Therefore, there is no perfect or standard way to teach economic concepts. The teaching methodology for economics differs from school to school. A good economics tutor should not confuse the students with an unorthodox teaching methodology. Instead, they should try to clear the students’ doubts about their school work and complement it in every way possible. To read more details about economics tuition in Singapore click here.